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What is KostiCon 2021?

It is a tabletop RPG festival which is organized by the Vecherniye Kosti community.

When is Kosticon 2021?

Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

What games will be held on KostiCon 2021?

Sci-fi, horror, detective, fantasy style games. Playtests. Epic Block where many tables play one big adventure. Meat grinder mode where many players can play switching out as they die. Enoa and many more.

Can I register for games online on KostiCon 2021?

Owners of simple tickets can register for 2 games before the festival while owners of Legendary Tickets can register for 3 games including for VIP tables. You may also register extra games on the day of the festival on the registration counter.

Can I register my game for KostiCon 2021?

Of course! Every Game Master must register through the form. The form is in Russian please contact us if you need help.
After we have reviewed your data we will notify you.

Is there anything else to do on KostiCon 2021 except TTRPGs?

You can listen to lectures, check out presentations of new games, participate in workshops, play board games, paint miniatures, go for a quest, participate in a Cosplay show, hang around some arcades, buy a bunch of merch and relax drinking some coffee from deep Carpathian mountains.

How to get to KostiCon in Ukraine.

  1. Train -
  2. Bus -
  3. Bla bla car -
  4. Train or plane to Lviv, after change to train, bla bla car or bus to Uzghorod.
  5. Carpool with someone from the community.

How to get to KostiCon from other countries?

  1. HUNGARY - Flying to Budapest or Debrecen after that taking a short train ride to Zahony and crossing the border to Chop. From there taking a taxi or a bus to Uzghorod.
  2. SLOVAKIA - Flying to Kosice and taking a bus to Uzhgorod.

Where do I stay in Uzhgorod?

Uzhgorod is relatively a small city. Getting accomodation closer to the city center is still recommended.

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